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The 法律实务管理课程 is developed and run by leaders who also manage legal businesses. Their experience helps to ensure that you gain the understanding and skills you need to manage your own firm and broaden your career options.

The College program meets the requirements of state regulating bodies in NSW, 昆士兰, 维克, WA and SA and offers a solid ground in law practice management or as a refresher course for more experienced practitioners.

Course dates are offered to attend in person or online via video conferencing and when COVID-19 restrictions are in place this course will be provided entirely online.







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你准备好成为合伙人了吗? |视频

所以你想开一家律师事务所? |视频




Our course has been specifically designed for legal practitioners who want to practise as a:

  • 唯一的医生
  • 律师事务所的合伙人
  • 社区法律服务主管
  • 法人法律事务所的董事



  • in-house lawyers with management responsibilities or who are looking to gain an understanding about legal services
  • experienced practitioners who are looking for techniques to grow their practice and update practice managements skills
  • Legal Practice Managers and other professionals working in law firms

该课程有效地展示了实用性, ethical and legal aspects of managing a law practice, 我现在经常用到的.


Ogge Law首席律师



  • 实施有效的管理技术
  • 了解当前法律实践的动态
  • Apply professional responsibility and ethical practice requirements
  • 实践的发展
  • 了解你的业务的财务机制
  • 管理法律业务风险,避免疏忽
  • Incorporate practice management systems and new technologies
  • 更好地管理和监督你的员工
  • 最大化你的每日产出
  • Understand the causes of stress and balance personal and professional priorities


Meets the requirements of the NSW Law Society to become a principal of a law firm or 唯一的医生.


一门涵盖所有领域的综合性课程 requirements for a Principal Practising Certificate in 昆士兰.


一门涵盖所有领域的综合性课程 从业者转换的需求 法律事务所的负责人或合伙人.


一门涵盖所有领域的综合性课程 从业者转换的需求 法律事务所的负责人或合伙人.


一门涵盖所有领域的综合性课程 从业者转换的需求 法律事务所的负责人或合伙人.



Our presenters have a passion for practice management and have extensive legal experience.

They will help bridge the gap between theory and real-world experience so you can understand how the subject matters translates into practical application.



Our interactive classes ensure that you won’t get lost in the crowd. 你们将有提问的机会, share ideas and get to know your fellow students and presenters.



We want to help you maximise the potential of your practice management course. Our teaching and support staff are available to guide you through the course from enrolment right through to completion.



我们知道你的生活很忙碌, 你需要平衡你的事业, 个人生活和其他与学习有关的承诺. Our course is offered via a flexible delivery mode of online and face-to-face learning. 全年有多达14个开始日期, you will be able to find a course that suits yours needs.



Completing the 法律实践管理 course with The College of Law can be just the beginning. Your course may be counted as one subject’s credit towards our Masters of Laws program. Our LLM is designed to enhance your on-the-job skills and take your career to the next level.


How long do I need to be in practice before I can start my own firm?


Manager, Career Training and Assessment Programs, The College of Law



嗯,好问题. There is no exact rule about how long you need to practise law before you actually begin to start your own legal business. I mean there are supervision requirements, for instance you have to be supervised for two years. 但是在任何律师开始自己的律师事务所之前, 成为唯一从业者, 成为公司的合伙人, they really should know what they're doing with respect to practising law. Once they're comfortable with their skills and they’re ready to hold themselves out to the marketplace, 作为自己执业的业主, that's when they're ready to go out on their own ready to go out on their own or be a partner. 为了让你成为唯一的医生, 合作伙伴公司, 法人法律事务所的负责人, supervising practitioner in a community legal sector, 你需要上一门管理实践课程. It's after successful completion of that course that the condition is removed from your practising certificate enabling you to hold those positions.